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Been a Real Estate Agent for 11 years. Help Buyers find home they want and want home they buy.  List homes for Sellers.  Find Tenants for Owners/Landlords.  Looking to lease, I can help. Need an Apartment, see me. I  constantly take classes, attend seminars to stay abreast of changes and updates within the industry.  This  enables me to better serve you. I am hard working, dedicated person.  I am dependable and will look out for you, because I work for you.

I like wearing hats.  Organizing and decorating, especially for all holidays are things I like. Working in the yard, planting plants and doing landscape are enjoyableI also like and enjoy managing an office and planning events.

I serve with integrity and sincerity.

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The entire team at United Real Estate has contributed to the most amazing home purchase process a person could expect. They are simply a dynamic group of people with extensive interpersonal skills in addition to expertise in every facet of the business. Thanks team!

- Susan R.

Highly Recommend United Real Estate ! Having worked with many real estate professionals over the years, I have been exceedingly impressed with the service I have received from United Real Estate and would never work with any other real estate agency.

- Ray J.

After meeting with several local real estate brokerage. I am so happy that I made the decision to work with United Real Estate .They will educate you through the entire process and listen to your needs to understand your real estate objectives. Thanks !

- Shawn Y.

Mrs. Shirley is great!

- A. Skinner

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